Sealice Conference on the Faroe Islands

13th | Tórshavn | 9-13 May 2022

At Sea Lice 2022 you will have a unique opportunity to interact with internationally renowned sea lice researchers, and experience the Faroese aquaculture industry first-hand with on-land land and off-shore site visits arranged exclusively for the conference.

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Book of Abstracts available online

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Welcome to Sea Lice conference


13th | Faroe Islands | 6-10 Sept. 2021


Thank You Conference Attendees and Sea Lice Community

20. Jul 2022

On behalf of the Sea Lice Conference International, we want to thank you for taking part and subscribing to the sea lice research community. We would also like to extend…

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Sea Lice 2022 Awards

14. May 2022

The Sea Lice Scientific Committee decided to award three awards this year. And the winners were: The Sea Lice Conference 2022 Poster Prize: Mari Austad Brandt Award to Young Scientist…

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Fiskaaling – your host

8. May 2022

As the Sea Lice Conference participants are flying in to the Faroe Islands, Fiskaaling welcomes every one here. We hope you will enjoy the days ahead – for the science…

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Keynote Speaker

7. May 2022

Speaking on the subject Living conditions in the future Northeastern Atlantic under climate change, Mr. Bogi Hansen will present a unique perspective and insight into the climate change issue, which…

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Video by: Federica Di Nardo

This movie is a short introduction to the city of Tórshavn, where the conference will be held. Visit Tórshavn has information about what is happening in the city.

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